Munckhof Group now NDC ready thanks to Amadeus Selling Platform Connect

Munckhof Group, expert in passenger transport and travel, reinforces its relationship with Amadeus. The latest development to drive NDC forward is now a reality; NDC bookings can be done directly in their Selling Platform Connect.

A few months ago, Munckhof Group announced its support for Amadeus NDC[X] program, a dedicated program to drive the industrialization of NDC and ensure it works for all travel players. The program brings together all the NDC activities across Amadeus – as an IT provider and aggregator.

Recently, Amadeus announced that Selling Platform Connect, its online booking platform, allowed travel sellers to shop, order, pay and service airline travel offers via an NDC connectivity. The main advantage being for the travel sellers that they can now view and compare all available airlines flights and related services for any given trip on one single screen, whatever the source.

This means travel sellers from Munckhof Group are able to search, compare and book NDC content together with the content from any other source (EDIFACT and other APIs) – all in a fully integrated manner and within the same workflow. This new step, making the full range of air content available in one place, means an easier way of working to help their customers find the best offers and value for their flights.

According to Tom Roefs, CEO of Munckhof Group: "Customer service is a top priority for all travel sellers and the new NDC-enabled version of Selling Platform Connect allows today not only the booking but also the servicing of NDC bookings. This is a positive step for our travel consultants who can continue to work in their preferred environment. We are convinced that the further collaboration with Amadeus will continue to enhance the booking experience for our travel consultants, offering our customers the positive benefits from the opportunities NDC presents.”

Kurt Van der biesen, Head of Business Travel at Amadeus in the Benelux: “'As a frontrunner in the development of NDC, 2020 will be a very important year for Amadeus as we continue to
roll out new airlines’ NDC-content and functionalities through the Amadeus Travel Platform. Today we are very delighted to announce that Munckhof Group is now booking and servicing NDC content in our leading agency solution, Selling Platform Connect.”

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