Healthcare & government

Mobility is all about people.

Munckhof has specialized in managing and arranging passenger transport and corporate travel for the government and healthcare sectors for years now. With passion and conviction we apply our knowledge of and vision on passenger transport to support you, our client. We take care of all your passenger transport needs from our central management centre. Munckhof arranges daily transport for 20,000 people on behalf of clients across the Netherlands. Most of our clients are in the government sector (school transport, social support act [WMO] transport, regional taxi transport, management transport and group transport), the healthcare sector (client transport, wheelchair transport), the social employment sector (employee transport) and the health insurance sector (medical transport, healthcare transport).

Management centre for efficient transport

To ensure mobility now and in the future, Munckhof believes in combining different modes of transportation and offering services tailored to individual needs wherever possible. This is only possible by deploying a professional central management centre. For several years now, Munckhof has served as a management centre for transportation systems in various regions. We work with a team of experts and automation systems that connect all modes of transportation. Munckhof has successfully coordinated pupil transport, WMO transport and medical transport on behalf of several clients. We also arrange for mobility in areas with little to no public transport. Taking an integrated approach to transport gives us a better understanding of all passenger and transport flows. This leads to cost savings, more efficient transport and greater transparency in terms of total passenger transport.

Personal approach

Munckhof is responsible for the overall management of passenger transport for clients. To ensure that transport is arranged with the highest degree of efficiency and quality, we work with permanent and small-scale client teams. These teams are the primary point of contact for travellers and clients alike and ensure that all communication remains clear and transparent. Our knowledge and experience paired with the scope of our organization and our partnerships with taxi and coach operators ensure that we can always find the right mobility solution for your transport need. The result: complete customization.

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