Management centre

Munckhof established its professional management centre in 2004.

We arrange daily transport for 20,000 people on behalf of clients across the country.

As a transport management company, our tasks include:

  • analysing and advising on transport issues
  • implementing transport issues
  • compiling routes and optimizing transport flows
  • providing account management
  • maintaining contact with clients and travellers
  • contacting and managing affiliated taxi and tour operators
  • drafting management reports and invoices
  • conducting quality assurance and processing complaints
  • holding presentations and meetings on mobility solutions

Personal contact

Munckhof works with small, permanent teams of account managers and employees. Each team is responsible for maintaining contact with clients and customers. In this way, clients, parents, travellers and other stakeholders stay in contact with the same employees, who are also responsible for the management and coordination of our partnered taxi companies. In short, Munckhof's client teams play a coordinating role for all parties concerned. This is fast, efficient and reliable.

Transport management with Munckhof's MobiliteitsManager

Munckhof organizes daily passenger transport for various clients. To better meet your needs, we have developed a business application known as the MobiliteitsManager.

This application automates group transport and guarantees the efficient use of transport resources and transport routes. Munckhof employees ensure the accuracy of all route changes or updates in MobiliteitsManager.

MobiliteitsManager can quickly calculate new routes or combinations based on your specific needs. This guarantees the most efficient route at all times. MobiliteitsManager also ensures transparency in terms of schedules and plans. You can access MobiliteitsManager online for instant insight into your transport plans and routes. Clients, locations and parents/guardians can report a change or cancellation in MobiliteitsManager Online, which will be processed by our employees immediately.

Careful implementation

The Munckhof implementation team will conduct a thorough analysis of the available data at the start of each transport request. MobiliteitsManager is used to create the most efficient transport plan, after which our drivers check the routes for practical issues and adjust them if necessary. Munckhof maintains close contact with clients to discuss the progress of the implementation plan. We can implement complex transport plans at short notice and in accordance with the quality requirements and the client's needs.

Facilitating the independence of travellers

As a knowledge authority in the field of transport, Munckhof understands and anticipates market developments. We are currently busy facilitating and stimulating the independence of Dutch citizens by acting as a transportation coordinator and by offering advice on public transport. This support helps travellers make independent use of various transport systems. Munckhof is also capable of performing more specialized tasks, such as contributing to the development of a transport policy for municipalities and travellers.

By identifying and analysing the total transport needs, Munckhof can make recommendations on combining different transport flows and target groups with the aim of reducing costs and promoting independence and participation.

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