Project transport

Over the years, Munckhof has arranged transportation to and from major events and projects on behalf of various clients.

From sports events to world expos and trade shows, we have the capability and the experience to organize perfect project transport for you.

A centrally-controlled shuttle service is often indispensable for major events. Munckhof will arrange and oversee the entire planning, coordination and implementation process for you and serve as the primary point of contact for all your organizational needs. We are also capable of transporting large groups of people thanks to our:

  • experienced and dedicated employees
  • clear work procedures
  • extensive resources
  • modern IT facilities

Arranging project transport

Munckhof will appoint a project leader for each project, who is responsible for organizing transportation. Based on the information you provide, the project leader will develop a transport plan for each event day. This plan will, of course, take into account your needs and requirements.

Anticipate daily challenges

During the event, the project leader will process all planned and unplanned changes in the transport plan. The drivers will be notified of all subsequent actions and take additional measures if necessary. This benefits you, our client. The collaboration with and transfer of information to you organization will be organized according to your specifications. Our primary goal is to ensure the continuity and smooth transport of your event visitors.

We will strive to implement this transport plan using vehicles stationed at your event location in order to act as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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