About Munckhof

With years of transport experience, Munckhof has become an expert in passenger transport and travel. Munckhof applies this expertise with passion and conviction on behalf of its clients.

We offer total solutions and full customization in the following areas:

  • corporate travel in the Netherlands and abroad for the public and private sector
  • passenger transport in the healthcare sector
  • shuttle services in the tourism and recreation sector
  • logistic transport management for small-scale and large-scale events
  • mobility solutions for educational institutions

What makes us unique in the Netherlands is our ability to combine these different services in one company. We have the necessary in-house expertise to coordinate and manage our transport and travel partners. This means we can offer our clients and customers a single point of contact for all their questions. In short, we take care of all transport management needs, from A to Z.

Customized services

We work with small and specialized client teams near you to provide you with fully customized solutions that fit seamlessly with your specific needs and requirements. In addition to our own experts, we work in close collaboration with an extensive network of national and international transport and travel partners on a daily basis.

People first

When it comes to service, people always come first. This is our philosophy when transporting passengers, updating clients or working with Munckhof employees. This commitment is reflected in our growing training and health policy for our staff, and it is also evident in the social partnership we enter into with our clients.

Optimization as a continuous process

We offer all our employees regular training programmes and courses to continuously optimize the services we offer our clients. Munckhof closely monitors the latest market developments and anticipates new trends. We also use our in-house software programs and travel management tools. The reports and analyses these programs generate help us make adjustments and improvements as needed. This helps us guarantee the efficient mobility of your organization.

The Munckhof team is committed to helping you, our client. Feel free to contact us for an introductory meeting or stay updated on the latest developments by subscribing to our newsletter and following us on social media.

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Munckhof distinguishes itself by:

  • providing total mobility, from A to Z
  • maintaining close contact with clients at local branches
  • providing relevant management information in real-time
  • ensuring the 24/7 availability of in-house staff
  • working with customized technological solutions developed in-house
  • guaranteeing national coverage for taxi transport, coach transport and corporate travel
  • working from a modern central management centre
  • drawing on a global network of transport and travel partners

Facts & figures


  • transports 30,000 people per day
  • has 2000 in-house employees
  • has offices in 25 locations
  • has a fleet of 1400 vehicles
  • rents out 1500 vehicles a day with full coordination
  • books 150,000 airline tickets each year
  • processes 2500 telephone calls per day
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