If you are unsatisfied with our service, please fill in the complaints form.

Passenger transport is all about people and is something Munckhof approaches with the utmost precision and care. Mistakes are inevitable despite our best efforts. In order to guarantee impeccable service in these instances as well, Munckhof set up an in-house Service Desk to immediately handle all comments and complaints.

Quality assurance through reports

The Service Desk registers your complaints in a reporting system. This system is used to monitor the status of each complaint and make sure it is handled properly. Should multiple problems arise on the same route, with the same transport partner or in any other way, the Service Desk will take the necessary steps to resolve them and implement a structural solution. This helps us to continuously monitor and safeguard the quality of our transport. We are committed to keeping our clients satisfied.

To file a complaint about the services provided by Munckhof, please complete the complaints form below or contact us by telephone on +31 (0)77-397 88 00.

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If you are unhappy with a journey, please complete the form below and our Service Desk will process your complaint.

We respect your privacy. Read our privacy statement for more information.

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