Meetings and events

We take care of all your event needs, from location and transport to accommodation, excursions and catering.

A lot of factors are involved in organizing a meeting or an event, especially when international guests are involved. When organizing your own event, rest assured that Munckhof provides educational institutions with professional and expert support. We take care of everything, so you can focus on the contents of the programme. This includes transport, the location, accommodation, excursions and practical issues like presentation facilities and catering.

No need to worry about changes or cancellations

The challenge of event organizations starts after the guests have been registered and the first changes start rolling in. One guest wants a different hotel room, another plans to arrive a day earlier and yet another guest requires a vegetarian meal. Changes like these should be processed quickly and effectively, which takes time. Munckhof specializes in this type of work and registers and processes all changes to existing reservations. This saves you both time and unnecessary stress.

Our cost saving is your advantage

Munckhof can obtain a purchasing advantage when organizing a conference or event. With years of excellent collaboration with partners in our national and international networks, we can offer competitive rates for accommodations and airline tickets. An added benefit is that, as transport specialists, we can arrange for suitable transport for your guests using luxury taxis and coaches from our own fleet. This benefits us and you.

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