Events & recreation

Transport is an essential part of every event.

Munckhof specializes in coordinating and arranging event transport. Whether it's transporting participants from the hotel to the event or transporting visitors from the parking area to the event, Munckhof offers event transport in the broadest sense.
Munckhof also offers excellent mobility solutions for the recreation sector. This includes shuttle services for tour operators, door-to-door transport for individual travellers to and from the airport or hotel and multi-day group trips in the Netherlands and abroad.

Flexibility is key

Flexibility is essential to good transport. Do you need to transport a group of three hundred passengers or three hundred individual travellers? While this makes no difference to event organizers, transporting these very different groups requires a very different approach. Munckhof specializes in event transport and can adapt to virtually any situation. In addition to our own fleet, we also have access to an extensive network of carriers in the Netherlands and abroad. This allows us to take care of all your mobility needs for events, conferences or trips, for a single traveller or groups of 10,000 people or more.

Partnership with tour operators

With our extensive and modern fleet and our highly experienced drivers, Munckhof has proven itself to be a reliable and high-quality transport partner for tour operators. We offer customized transport solutions to both small and large travel agencies. Arranging daily commutes to Spain or transporting passengers from their homes to a cruise ship, for example, is all in a day's work for Munckhof. Munckhof strives to become your preferred partner and help you find the most efficient transport solution.

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