Lunet zorg

Lunet zorg is extremely satisfied with the way Munckhof has implemented its services.

Lunet zorg is a healthcare institute that supports people with an intellectual disability. More than 2,800 clients of all ages rely on Lunet zorg for support and assistance in their daily lives. Lunet zorg coordinates outpatient activities and leisure activities and provides intensive care and incidental support to clients around the country 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These clients can count on the support of 2,500 professionals and 1,000 volunteers at 100 locations or in their own homes in the South-east Brabant region.

Transport contract

Lunet zorg has entrusted Munckhof with the transport of its clients since 2014. This contract includes the regular transport of some 600 adults and 200 children to and from outpatient activity centres and the organization of special trips.

Satisfied about the implementation

'Lunet zorg is extremely satisfied with the way Munckhof has implemented its services,' says Rob Wolfs, who is in charge of tactical procurement at Lunet zorg. 'Despite the large-scale reorganization of its taxi services, Munckhof managed to carry out this process quickly and efficiently.

After only a month, it was clear that the services were being carried out without major incident. Furthermore, Munckhof was flexible and managed to quickly respond to our communication, billing and reporting needs.'

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