Happy traveller, happy budget

Corporate travel and saving money… music to your ears, we expect. Our experience has taught us that it is easier than you might think. We have developed various methods to completely rethink your travel budget and at the same time keep those doing the travelling happy.

Easy savings within you travel budget

If your organization already applies a travel policy, then you're already on the right track. If you also have an idea of the level of compliance with this policy and how much is booked online, you can use this information to start making savings. There are also plenty of savings to be made on trips booked offline!

Savings of 25% are serious possibilities

International research has shown that organizations that review and adjust their travel policies every two years can save up to 25% on their corporate travel. In particular, creating support among bookers and travellers for adhering to the travel policy can contribute up to 10% in savings. Did you know that smart ticketing means we can find other rates for you than the ones you find online? 

Calculate what you could save right away

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Want to learn more? Read the article 'What does the travel policy of the future look like?' or contact us.

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