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We are seeing continued economic growth, which in turn increases the demand for corporate travel. After all, this travel is necessary if businesses wish to do business internationally. For corporate travellers, it's important that the journey be comfortable and smooth. Airline companies do everything they can to make travelling as pleasant as possible.

In-flight entertainment

My colleague, Bas de Smit, recently wrote a blog about in-flight entertainment. How can you ensure that the flight is pleasant for passengers? Airline companies try many approaches, from providing magazines to organizing live music. Whether corporate travellers are eager to hear them is a different matter, but there is certainly no shortage of ideas. However, alongside the flight itself, the details also need to be fine-tuned. For instance, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has introduced the 'central security check' in order to make passengers' time at the airport more pleasant. Another example is London Gatwick, which is currently experimenting with 'happy meals'.

Food to brighten up your day

The article in the magazine Zakenreis, a Dutch-language publication on corporate travel, caught my attention immediately. Research has shown that eating salmon, tuna, bananas, oatmeal, citrus fruit and other foodstuffs makes us 'happy'. By eating meals that contain these ingredients, we not only treat our bodies healthily, we also receive a 'happiness' kick from the high levels of serotonin, dopamine and omega-3 they hold. The researcher believes that feeling happy before travelling has a positive impact on the passenger's travelling experience. At London Gatwick, various restaurants have now begun serving meals that have high levels of 'happy ingredients'. I don't know whether this actually works, but Gatwick seems to be enthralled by the idea. 

Are we susceptible to influences?

In short, many approaches are currently being tested to make travelling a more pleasant experience. As previously mentioned, corporate travellers do not want to lose any time and, in contrast to those going on holiday, do not always enjoy travelling. In light of this, I ask this question: how influenced are corporate travellers by these innovations and do they take them seriously? I look forward to hearing your opinion.

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Birgit Puntman
Birgit Puntman
Business Travel Manager
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