Eindhoven Airport ready for the future

International air traffic is increasing again. This is also the case at Eindhoven Airport. Despite the fact that (international) travel took a hard blow, the outlook is positive towards the future. As a connector of the Brainport region, they have a constant eye for the interests of the business traveller. Munckhof went there to take a look at the airport in this corona era.

Relaxed atmosphere 
Upon arrival at Eindhoven Airport there is a relaxed atmosphere on the modern square in front of the terminal. A direct connection to Eindhoven Central Station ensures a perfect connection by express bus. There is talk of making the terminal accessible again to others than just passengers. The safety hosts at the entrance check randomly for health certificates, which immediately gives a safe feeling. Upon entry, the now familiar walking routes, disinfection poles and mandatory mouth masks do not seem to bother anyone and travellers seem to feel comfortable. This feeling is confirmed by the results of the customer satisfaction survey of Eindhoven Airport, in which 80% of the respondents indicated that they rated the COVID-19 measures as good to excellent. 

Looking ahead
Despite the fact that Eindhoven Airport has neatly put the security measures in place and the situation here seems quite normal, it is of course not yet normal. There are still fewer flight movements, the number of destinations is limited and the number of passengers is low on average. The corona crisis is likely to have a major impact on the airport in the coming months. Nevertheless, Eindhoven Airport dares to look ahead and focuses on quality for the future. For example, they are investing in the interests of the business traveller. At the end of last year, a modernly furnished business lounge was already opened, where business travellers can work or relax undisturbed and benefit from all the necessary facilities. The future promises much more in this regard.

Connecting with the world 
The vibrant region in which Eindhoven Airport is located has a strong international position. They are a connector for the region, in which they facilitate business travellers excellently. A good example of this is Wizz Air's new scheduled services. Since July, daily flights have been taking place to and from Milan Malpensa and three times a week to the Albanian capital Tirana. In addition, recently the route between Eindhoven and Doncaster/Sheffield was added and they have been flying for years to economic top destinations such as London and Dublin. By focusing on fast and attractive connections between important economic regions, they connect Brainport with the world. 

All in all, there are many positive developments. The future for business travel via Eindhoven Airport is therefore promising.  

Mascha Boelens
Result Manager
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