Travel with a safe feeling via Düsseldorf Airport

Summer 2020. Normally, it would be high season at Düsseldorf Airport with about 80,000 travelers a day. The time is different now. Very different, and yet very normal.

The international travel industry offers more and more opportunities to travel again, yet travelers remain cautious. Traveling abroad currently is uncertain, whereby flying further reinforces this feeling.

As a partner of Düsseldorf Airport, last week we were invited to experience the airport's measures for ourselves. As a Dutch person, wanting to avoid any uncertain situations, I too was curious what the situation would be like.

As I walk into the airport and put my mouth mask behind my ear, a friendly voice immediately sounds through the intercom “Bitte tragen Sie einen Mund-Nasen-Schutz und halten Sie Abstand von mindestens 1,5 Metern”.

After I put my hands under the disinfection pole our tour can begin. The uncertain feeling disappears immediately when I see the care taken in all the measures. Walkways, information boards, signings, plexiglass, disinfection gel; literally everything has been thought of. For example, the passage at the security check has been adjusted so that people cannot meet each other and a UV disinfection robot is even used in the terminals for optimal cleaning. Also, all terminals have been opened to spread the crowds.

As soon as we walked past the shops and restaurants after the security check, I wonder why I felt uncomfortable again? To make a comparison; in the beginning of the corona period, nobody liked going to the stores in cities and we quickly felt unsafe (regardless of government measures). We are now used to all the measures that shops and restaurants are taking and are increasingly using these facilities. The same feeling prevails at the airport, although many people have not yet experienced it.

Ultimately, everyone should individually decide wether or not they feel safe enough to travel. Getting on a plane with peace of mind is of course the most important thing. The only thing I would like to say from experience: Düsseldorf Airport feels like a safe environment!

If you are going on a (business) trip via Düsseldorf Airport soon, I have some useful tips for you:

  • In Germany, you are currently only allowed to take one item of hand luggage on the plane. This is laid down by law and applies to all airlines.
  • For some countries, including Greece, Spain, England and Italy, a health certificate is mandatory. To speed up the process upon arrival in the country concerned, it is best to complete it prior to your trip. This can be done online or via one of the information boards at the airport.
  • Would you like to view all measures per airline, destination or other airports? Then take a look at our COVID-19 information page.
Myrna Joosten
Communication advisor
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