Munckhof selected as transport partner for European Athletics Championships

Munckhof has been selected as the transport partner for the European Athletics Championships, which will be held from 6 to 10 June 2016 in Amsterdam. As part of this partnership, Munckhof will transport all athletes, official delegations, officials, VIPs and press representatives from various locations in and around Amsterdam.

Airport transport

An important component of the project is arranging transfers to and from the airport. 'Athletes, officials and representatives from across Europe will arrive at Schiphol and will need to be transported to various hotels in Amsterdam,' explains Tom Roefs, CEO of Munckhof. 'We'll have to address this important challenge before the European Championships start. We're also responsible for transporting all parties to the training locations, the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam and the Museumplein square. Hundreds of employees will be working on this project over the course of several days.'

Intensive period

There will be a lot of transport movements in the period before, during and after the European Championships. 'More than three hundred vehicles will be implemented in twelve days for the European Championships. In terms of planning and execution, this project is even more complex than the transport we organized for the Floriade in 2012. Our management department is tasked with organizing this enormous project. The team specializes in organizing projects like this and has gained a lot of experience and knowledge. During the European Championships, our colleagues in Horst support several permanent planners in Amsterdam,' says Roefs. The project, which will use coaches, taxi minibuses and luxury VIP vehicles, will be carried out in collaboration with several local transport partners.

Transport plan

Arranging transport for the European Championships is extremely complex. 'When we drafted our transport plan, we reviewed the figures from the European Championships in Zurich and Barcelona,' explains Roefs. 'It's important to determine the extent to which the forecasts match the reality. This can have a direct impact on planning. We visited the site with representatives from the municipality of Amsterdam and our partner, Traffic Support, to assess the traffic situation, access routes and any road blocks. We also took the local residents into account.'

About the European Athletics Championships

The European Athletics Championships is coming to Amsterdam! From 6 to 10 July 2016, more than 1,500 athletes from 51 countries will compete for medals in 46 athletics disciplines. The historic Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam is the arena for this unique sports event, which is being held in the Netherlands for the first time. The qualifying rounds for javelin and discus will be held on Museumplein square. Amsterdam will experience athletics like never before in 2016! For more information about the European Athletics Championships, please visit http://www.amsterdam2016.org.

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