Floriade 2012

Thanks to the courtesy of the Munckhof employees, we were able to give visitors a great start to their trip.

On 5 April 2012, Munckhof started on the largest, most intense and most unique project in its history: the 2012 Floriade horticulture expo in Venlo. Munckhof was responsible for transporting two million visitors, 34,000 members of De Zonnebloem, thousands of children in the Floriade Kids programme and thousands of guests of various associations, companies and organizations. Paul Beck, managing director of the 2012 Floriade, looks back on this collaboration:

Dear friends,

This is how I see the employees at Munckhof, as friends.

The Floriade is over. For 180 days, Munckhof transported thousands of visitors a day to and from the entrance and the car park. This unprecedented operation was extremely successful. Thanks to the professionalism of Munckhof and the courtesy of the staff, visitors were given a great start to their day at the Floriade expo. As I always say: The visit and the service start with the parking and transport. From the very start of the Floriade partnership, Munckhof demonstrated a keen understanding of how things should be run. Thanks to the knowledge and expertise of the company and the staff, we hand over an important element without any worries.

I'd like to thank everyone at Munckhof who was involved in the Floriade expo and wish the company a bright and successful future.

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