Munckhof donates €2500 to National Association de Zonnebloem

National Association de Zonnebloem has received a cheque for €2,500. The cheque is from Munckhof and is to support the activities of the association’s hotel ship.

Regular transport partner for de Zonnebloem

Munckhof has been de Zonnebloem’s regular transport partner for years. Among other things, Munckhof provides transportation to the Zonnebloem ship for Zonnebloem participants and is a transport partner for the organization’s multi-day international journeys. Tom Roefs, Munckhof General Director, says, “We have an intensive cooperation with de Zonnebloem and it is going very well. During the cooperation, we were very impressed by all the work that the volunteer organization does for people with physical challenges. This, along with the wide range of activities that they provide, is why we decided to support de Zonnebloem this year by contributing to the Zonnebloem ship.”

De Zonnebloem is honoured with the cheque

When someone spends their life in a wheelchair because of a physical disability, the world is often a very different place. In the words of Matthijs de Bruin, Corporate Donors client group manager at Zonnebloem, “For people who are bound to a wheel chair, for example, it’s not quite so easy to ‘just step out for a bit’. To say nothing of going on holiday. That’s why our hotel ship has been modified for wheel chair users and people who are confined to bed. Thousands of volunteers make it possible for us to give our participants the right care, which they often need day and night. Munckhof’s financial contribution helps us continue our mission to offer these accessible cruises.”

New tradition

This is the first year that Munckhof has given such a sum to charity. “We feel that corporate social responsibility is very important at Munckhof,” explains Roefs. “We achieve this, among other ways, by sponsoring all sorts of activities and involving our target groups in our services. We have decided to select a charity to support with a large contribution each year, starting now. This year we chose de Zonnebloem. Next year we will choose another charity.”

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