Your passport is your guide

Although it isn't difficult to book airline tickets, people who purchase their tickets online still often tell us about the mistakes that are accidentally made. Which forename should you enter if you normally use the second one instead of the first?

What if you recently got married but haven’t yet got a new passport with your new surname in it? You are strongly advised to take great care when entering your details, as last-minute changes can be very costly. What must you pay particular attention to when purchasing a ticket?

Be guided by the passport

Make sure you fill in your details exactly as they are presented in your passport. That is also the case if you have married but your old surname is still shown in your passport – use the name in your passport. Enter forenames in the order shown, even if you don’t normally use the first name listed. You should also be careful not to make any typing errors. The airline can refuse to carry you even if just one letter is different. After purchasing the ticket, check all the details one more time to be sure. At this point in time, changes are still easier to make than when you are at the airport.

If you are using a Travel Management Company to purchase the tickets, make sure the TMC has all the correct details. They will make sure that everything is processed correctly. You can submit a complete traveller's profile or send a copy of the ID document. The Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK) has even developed an app so that you can safely make a copy of your ID document using your smartphone. You'll find more information at  

Fines are outdated

Although it goes without saying that you must take care when purchasing a ticket, I am of the opinion that the fines (which can run into hundreds of euros for an amendment) are no longer appropriate these days. Since the entire booking process takes place online, it should be possible to make quick changes without incurring substantial costs. I believe that fines should be abolished. However, until that time take extra care to avoid the unnecessary high costs!

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