Where's my suitcase?

Ever wonder what happens when you leave your suitcase in the capable hands of airline employees? Whereas some travellers want to track their suitcase in detail, others couldn't care less. What I find intriguing is the way suitcase manufacturers and airlines anticipate travellers' needs and develop new innovations accordingly.

Tracking your luggage

In 2015, KLM introduced the e-tracker, a tiny device that travellers can use to track their luggage. With this device, you no longer have to spend hours waiting for your suitcase at baggage claim. The system also notifies you when your bag has been opened and when it's headed in the wrong direction. There's not much you can do about it, but at least you know.

Fingerprint lock

Suitcases themselves are also undergoing developments. Suitcase manufacturer Delsey recently created a prototype that features innovations like a fingerprint lock, integrated speakers and a built-in smartphone charger. However, these fun developments are sure to come with a hefty price tag.

Are we afraid of losing our luggage?

What exactly inspired these developments? Are we afraid our suitcases will be lost? Are the contents of our suitcases so valuable that they require a fingerprint lock? Do we want to prevent people from opening our suitcases? Or are we just curious about their whereabouts? I think it's all a bit much, to be honest. As soon as you hand in your suitcase at check-in, a complex logistical process is set into motion. Just watch the video about baggage handling at Schiphol Airport. You can't influence this process, so there's no point in worrying about it. But this also means there's nothing you can do to prevent third parties from opening your suitcase to add or remove something. If you're wondering about the journey your suitcase takes, there are plenty of videos out there to satisfy your curiosity.

In my opinion, we should take a more grounded approach to this issue and stop worrying about where our suitcases are. Or do you think these developments do indeed add value?

Pieter van Hout
Pieter van Hout
Result Manager
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