What options are there for travelling to an airport?

What is the first step of corporate travel arrangements? Many people think that the travel arrangements start at the airport or even in the aeroplane. But they start much sooner than that, and involve more than just the flight and the stay in a foreign destination. Travelling from your home or office to the airport, for example, is an essential part of the arrangements, and one which is often underestimated. I will take you through the options for travelling to airports.

Is the public transport system suitable for corporate travellers?

Airports like Amsterdam Schiphol and Brussels Zaventem are set up to process large numbers of travellers every day, so these airports are very easy to reach by train and bus. An additional benefit is that a ticket on public transport is fairly cheap and you can often continue to work during the journey. However, travelling by public transport also has some disadvantages, including a lack of privacy. You also have to take the number of other passengers into consideration (if there is a free seat) and whether you have to transfer. What’s more, you almost always require additional transport to reach the station.

Private transport as a cheap and flexible option

Private transport is the most frequently used means of getting to the airport. After all, if you are providing your own transport, you do not have to take anyone else into consideration. Thanks to this, you can decide when to leave and which route to take, so you are very flexible. But while private transport costs comparatively little, there are some disadvantages to it, starting with the fact that you need your own means of transport. Additionally, travelling by private transport means you are unable work during the journey, still have to drive back after a tiring trip, and will have to pay usually quite high parking fees at the airport.

Airline service

Another option is to arrange for transport directly with the airline. KLM, for example, uses buses to transport travellers from the eastern Netherlands to Amsterdam Schiphol. Other airlines have their own taxi service to pick up their first and business-class passengers from home. This service is often easy and free of charge, and you have a direct connection arranged in conjunction with your flight. Considering these points, I see few drawbacks and expect that this service will continue to develop in the future as a component of the complete travel experience.

Customized travel with airport transport

The last alternative I would like to discuss is travel with a commercial taxi. You are picked up at the front door, can continue to work or catch up on your sleep during the journey and are brought directly to any desired location in a safe manner. Unlike the services provided by airlines, you can reserve airport transport at any time, regardless of your booking class, airline or airport. You are also travelling in plain, neutral cars, have WiFi access and are chauffeured by uniformed drivers who are discreet and professional.

You can see that there are many options to get to the airport. Whichever you choose, your corporate travel arrangements don’t just start at the airport or in the aeroplane – they begin when you step out the front door.

Bas de Smit
Bas de Smit
Result and Conversation Manager
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