Trend: opting for sustainability

There is a clear trend in the Dutch economy, as climate and sustainability are becoming increasingly important. During the last Dutch parliamentary elections, the parties that focused on these issues did much better, particularly among young voters. Sustainability is a trend that organizations can no longer avoid. Which steps can organizations take to implement more sustainable business practices?

Work with companies that value sustainability

Sustainability can be pursued in various ways. Businesses can choose to go green for all of their production processes and services, although most organizations prefer taking smaller steps. One such step is to work exclusively with sustainable companies. For instance, they can require that all suppliers have an environmental certificate (e.g. ISO 14001) or choose to work with parties that offer increasingly sustainable services. Our taxi fleet is becoming more environmentally friendly and we now have dozens of electric and natural gas cars at Munckhof. We are also taking steps to improve the sustainability of our offices. In Venlo, we will soon relocate to the Innovatoren – a sustainable, cradle-2-cradle office building that prioritizes sustainability and innovation.

Compensate for pollution

Another realistic option is to compensate for your CO2 emissions. Munckhof has partnered with the Climate Neutral Group to compensate for our CO2 output by planting trees and engaging in other sustainable developments. We also determine the carbon footprints of our business clients during corporate travel. We discuss this information, along with the compensation options and green travel alternatives, on a regular basis with our clients.

Reporting on sustainability

By reporting on their pollution, organizations are disclosing their carbon footprint and the steps they are taking to pursue more sustainable business practices. In our experience, annual reports are starting to focus more on sustainability and the environment. The data we have on CO2 emissions and travel is an excellent addition to this.

While the aforementioned points aren't enough to make a service truly green, defining your vision on sustainability creates more understanding and awareness. And that's a great start! How far does your organization go in the pursuit of sustainability?

Mascha Boelens
Mascha Boelens
Result Manager
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