Toronto as a corporate travel destination

When planning a meeting with an international delegation in North America, major cities like New York and Washington are the first to spring to mind. These cities are easy to travel to and have all the facilities you need for a meeting or an event. But other cities make equally good corporate travel destinations. Take Toronto, for instance. I recently flew there to see the possibilities this provincial capital has to offer.

Direct flight from Amsterdam

Travellers can fly to Toronto on a non-stop flight from Amsterdam. Air Canada offers daily non-stop flights to the Canadian city in the summer months and four flights per week in the winter months. The Toronto airport is clean and spacious. Travellers can get through security and baggage claim relatively quickly, which means you can leave the airport forty-five minutes after landing. Toronto also offers excellent connections to major U.S. cities. Your passport is checked by U.S. Customs officials in Toronto, which means you don't have to queue when you arrive in the United States.

The city

Toronto Pearson Airport is located twenty-five kilometres from the city centre, making it quick and easy to reach. This is perfect for corporate travellers looking to make the most efficient use of their valuable travel time. With its skyscrapers and quiet city parks, Toronto is like a smaller version of New York City. You'll also find plenty of yellow cabs. The city has excellent hotels and modern meeting and conference facilities. Toronto is also a popular tourist destination thanks to Niagara Falls and the many vineyards nearby. These tourist attractions make the city perfect for incentives and events.

The combination of Canadian hospitality, a modern city with great accommodation and good travel options make Toronto the perfect location for international meetings, events or incentives.

If you'd like to learn more about Toronto as an event location, feel free to contact me. I'd be more than happy to help.

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