Top five destinations for international school trips

As an expert in organizing international school trips, we maintain close contact with schools and understand their needs and expectations in terms of school trips.

Schools find it important to offer trips that are both fun and educational. Arranging stays with host families is another popular request. We organize the ultimate school trip that gives pupils the opportunity to experience a new language, a new culture and new customs. Depending on the school's wishes, we can also add various educational elements when we select the destination. In this blog post, I will explain the top five most popular destinations.

1. London as a hub for bilingual schools

London has always been a popular destination. It's a city everyone knows, it's relatively close to the Netherlands and it's very different from Dutch cities in terms of atmosphere and experience. London is known for its culture and traditions and also for driving on the 'wrong side' of the road. No visit to the cosmopolitan city of London is ever long enough!
London is also extremely popular among Dutch bilingual schools. These schools offer at least half of their courses in a foreign language, the most common being English. As a result, London and other British cities are extremely popular destinations for school trips.

2. Teaching students about the history of Berlin

Berlin has become an extremely popular destination in recent years. It used to be associated with the Second World War, but is now known as the 'City of Freedom'. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Berlin became synonymous with freedom, tolerance and creativity. Berlin is a particularly interesting destination for subjects like history and cultural and artistic studies. It offers plenty of opportunities for practical assignments and gives pupils the opportunity to experience the theoretical material first hand.

3. Paris: the city of art, culture and Disneyland

Paris is known as the 'City of Love' and is the fashion capital of the world. But Paris is also a popular destination for a short city trip, particularly when combined with a visit to Disneyland. Paris is an extremely versatile city, offering everything from iconic landmarks and charming neighbourhoods to modern architecture and delicious French cuisine. Another thing that makes Paris the ideal destination for a school trip is the abundance of art in museums like the Louvre and the Centre Pompidou.

4. Taste the Latin influences in Rome

Rome owes its popularity to its many historic attractions. Rome is particularly well-suited to pupils enrolled in pre-university education (gymnasium and atheneum in the Netherlands) due to the city's antiquity and its Latin influences.

5. Art and sport converge in Barcelona

Barcelona is the most popular Spanish city and is known for its vibrancy and its Gaudí influences. Most pupils learn about Gaudí in school, which makes it all the more fun to see his influences in real life. No trip to Barcelona is complete without a visit to Camp Nou, the football stadium and home of FC Barcelona. 

In addition to these top five cities, schools are increasingly opting for destinations like Budapest, Copenhagen, Prague and Kraków for their city trips. They are also starting to visit smaller towns and organizing trips to major nearby cities such as Brighton, Cambridge and Niederkassel. In short, there are plenty of opportunities for organizing an interesting international school trip in Europe. Visit our website for more information about the destinations or contact us for a personal consultation. We would be happy to advise you on your school trips.

Hedy van der Stelt
Travel consultant MGI Travel
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