The future of travel: a successful event at Tesla

On Thursday 4 February 2016, we organized an executive event at the Tesla production location in Tilburg, the Netherlands, together with our technology partner Amadeus. The theme of the event was ‘the future of travel’. The keynote address was given by Luc Pannecoeck, General Manager of Amadeus, and the event boasted a test drive with the Tesla Model S and a tour of the factory.

Developments in international corporate travel

We invited a select company to our exclusive event which included 27 members of boards and management representing various Dutch organizations. In his keynote address, Luc Pannecoeck provided a clear outline of the current developments in international travel. He touched on the future needs of travellers, the technological developments within the industry and the corresponding changes in traveller expectations. It is clear that Amadeus is aware that the future of international travel is changing and that you need to need to adapt to the changes as an organization. 

The evolution of Tesla

Tesla is currently a paragon of the evolution in travel. In just a short space of time, this US-based car manufacturer has managed to put fully electric cars on the market and created an international network of charging stations. All cars destined for the European market are assembled at their plant in Tilburg. During our event, guests were invited to slip behind the wheel of a Tesla for a test drive. A comprehensive tour of the factory was also included and the guests were given information about the technology that drives Tesla and the company's vision of the future during a tech talk. 

The importance of personal contact

The future of travel has shown a shift towards an increase in digital processes and a decrease in personal contact. This development can be observed in international corporate travel as well as in the daily operations of businesses. Yet personal contact can be very important. This is why we organize events such as these. By personally engaging with our clients we stay informed of their requirements and we are better able to anticipate those needs. During the event our guests expressed that they were positive about the combination of information, interaction and personal contact provided by Munckhof. In addition to events for executives, we also organize events for travel managers, bookers, financials and HR advisers. If you would like to be invited to our upcoming events, please send us an e-mail and we will keep you up to date.

Tom Roefs
Tom Roefs
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