The future of mobility

Will we need our own car in twenty years? Will we still be using public transport in twenty years? Will the driver profession still exist or will all cars be self-driving? Will we still travel together in twenty years or will travel be fully customizable? These are all interesting questions about the future of mobility. While I can't answer these questions myself, I am curious to find out what's in store for us in terms of mobility.

Mobility management research centre

NHTV University of Applied Sciences in Breda is also interested in these developments and is currently busy setting up a mobility management research centre. With support from the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and the Municipality of Breda, the university will spend the next two years developing a knowledge portal for mobility management. The ultimate goal is to determine how best to align different means and modes of transport. With this new research centre, NHTV will influence the development of mobility in the years to come, which I, for one, find very interesting.

Don't forget the taxi sector

I'd like to remind NHTV about the taxi sector, which they didn't include in their press release about the new research centre, despite the exciting developments taking place in this industry. Examples include UberPOP, pilot projects that combine taxi services and the transportation of food and medication, neighbourhood buses, volunteer initiatives and newly developed dispatch centres. These developments are changing the way traditional taxi companies think and operate and are helping to shape the future of mobility management.

Open application

I'd love to discuss the future of mobility management with NHTV and make a substantive contribution to the research centre with the help of my colleagues. We've been working on this process for years and are more than happy to share our vision on mobility with interested students. One thing's for sure: mobility is changing and we'd love to contribute to the dialogue.

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