Taxi driver – more than just somebody behind the wheel

I speak to taxi drivers almost daily and I am truly impressed by the range of competencies they are required to have these days. A taxi driver is so much more than someone who brings people safely from A to B. Because so many people are unaware what the occupation of taxi driver actually entails, I would like to explain it here.

Basic training 

Drivers must obviously have experience in driving on the road and must possess good geographical knowledge. In order to be allowed to drive a taxi, they must be in possession of a certificate of good conduct as well as a valid taxi driver license. This taxi driver license can be obtained by completing a basic training course. Even with that, you’re still a long way from becoming a taxi driver. 

Know the traveller

Munckhof arranges the transport for an array of target groups that includes schoolchildren, people with a mental or physical disability, vulnerable senior citizens and corporate travellers. Each type of traveller demands a different approach and a separate set of competencies from the driver. Beside their taxi driver basic training, drivers also take a number of vocational training classes ranging from ‘Target group transport’ to ‘Social Skills’ or from ‘Basic Life Support’ to ‘The New Driving Method’. During these classes, drivers learn how to deal with different target groups in theory and in practice and they are taught what to do when something goes wrong. That drivers take this seriously is evidenced by the fact that they take it upon themselves to visit a daytime activity facility, for example, in order to learn how to properly take care of their passengers and that they also often are first aid volunteers at special events.

We don’t deliver packages

In my conversations with drivers I have discovered that they have an enormous passion for their work. They really know the people in their taxi. They are not packages to be delivered, but real people with a name, a face, a personality and a story. It is the art of being a driver to treat each of their clients with the proper respect and I am proud to see that this occurs on every trip. 

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