Taking on 300 drivers in a short space of time - how do you go about that?

Here at Munckhof, we recently faced the challenge of taking on 300 new employees in a short space of time. As a result of winning a European tender, we had an acute need for additional drivers. A gigantic operation was set up to find these new drivers, to give them contracts and to train them. I have set out the process of doing so below.

Scheme for the transfer of personnel in cases of the transfer of transport contracts (Overgang personeel bij overgang vervoerscontracten, OPOV)

After winning a contract, an inventory is immediately made of whether extra personnel would be required to perform the contract. If so, the first mechanism to be applied is the Scheme for the transfer of personnel in cases of the transfer of transport contracts (Overgang personeel bij overgang vervoerscontracten, OPOV). This forms part of the collective labour agreement for taxi drivers. This scheme means that a large proportion of the personnel involved in a transport contract must be offered a job by the new transporter when the contract is taken over. This scheme gives drivers greater job security within the sector and makes it easier for carriers to find personnel when gaining a contract. This scheme allowed us to fill a large number of these vacancies. We filled the other vacancies through the standard channels, and also with help from the UWV (Employee Insurance Agency/work placement organization), for example.

Drawing up 300 contracts

Finding employees is one thing; going through the formalities of employing them is another. The manager speaks to all the candidates personally and assesses whether the candidate satisfies the criteria set by Munckhof. If they do, the manager collates all the personal details with the assistance of the HR department and together they draw up the contracts. Of course, new colleagues need to be registered in the various systems, to gain access to intranet, to receive company clothing and to make the acquaintance of their colleagues in the office. 

Training with a mentor

Drivers who start working for Munckhof possess an official driver's pass, giving them recognized status as a taxi driver. Drivers receive this pass once they have gained a taxi driver's diploma and on condition that they hold a certificate of good conduct and a medical certificate. In addition, there is always a training period. Munckhof has a number of mentors who provide guidance for new colleagues. This guidance ranges from explaining where the keys can be collected to the testing of the service and client-friendly attitude of the colleague. Training a new colleague takes a few weeks. After that, the colleague may make the journeys independently.

The task of taking on 300 new employees has been successfully completed. However, there is no time to rest. We are currently working on recruiting many additional employees. If you are interested in becoming a Munckhof driver, take a look at www.werkenbijmunckhof.nl for our current vacancies. 

Anita Voskuilen
Anita Voskuilen
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