Six tips for sporty team-building activities in Europe

Sport is often used by organizations as a team-building activity. These activities — however original — are not a goal in themselves but can be used to achieve certain organizational objectives or even changes in behaviour.

Results include increased mutual trust or respect, improved communication with one another, or more efficient collaboration.

I have selected six out-of-the-ordinary team-building activities for you. They can be used to fulfil various ambitions and can also be combined with a visit to the European city or region concerned.

1. Bobsleighing in Riga

Racing down the track at speeds of 110 km per hour under the guidance of a professional. This track is located in Sigulda (approximately 50 km from Riga) and is the training site for the Latvian Olympic team.

2. Flyboarding in Barcelona

In this popular, fast-growing sport, you are propelled through the air by two powerful water jets and can dive through the water like a dolphin.

3. Horse driving in Budapest

Drive your own horse during a horse race.  Approximately 45 minutes by car from Budapest, you'll find the Lazar Horse Farm. Here, teams can compete against one another in a variety of challenges involving horse and carriage, lasso throwing, or pitchfork throwing. These activities can also be combined with a cooking competition.

4. Ice hockey in Prague

You don't even need any skating experience to go and play ice hockey in Prague. The fun starts in the changing room when you put on the full ice hockey kit.  You are then taken through a warm-up session with instructions before participating in a match.

5. Crossbow shooting in the Swiss Alps

Another activity you could take part in is crossbow shooting, which can be organized at a lovely location in the Swiss Alps. By the end, you may even be able to shoot an apple off someone's head.

6. Highland Games in Scotland

This ultimate team-building activity fully deserved its place on this list. Form groups to outdo one another in terms of physical strength, musical talent, and dance movements; all with the wonderful landscape of Scotland as backdrop.

The effectiveness of team-building activities depends on good supervision. The best results are obtained when specialist instructors collaborate with your own project manager or event organizer. I'd love to hear about your experiences with sporty team-building activities and the effects they have had on your organization.

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