Schiphol as the centre of the world

Innovation and growth characterize Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. An increasing number of international companies are being established at the airport. A variety of special projects and new businesses have followed in the slipstream of all this activity. Schiphol can comfortably call itself an Airport City that is equipped with all amenities. This is sufficient reason to take a closer look at Schiphol and to see what the area has to offer besides the airport.

International business

Schiphol is an ideal location for internationally-oriented businesses to establish themselves. All the required international connections and services are centralized and you can even see them take off and land right in front of you. Important facilities such as hotels, offices, restaurants and conference centres are easily reachable for passengers and this means that any visit can be organized very efficiently. Schiphol’s success is reflected in the more than 500 businesses that have established themselves in its vicinity.

Fully equipped

Schiphol is also the perfect work location for Dutch citizens. Initiatives such as children's day-care centre CompaNanny, De Buren package collection point, self-service restaurant The Market and the future development of sports facilities means that the area will feature all the necessary amenities and more. 


Bringing people and companies together is Schiphol’s speciality. There is little obstructing people from making contact or sharing knowledge. Companies are more accessible to each other through the Your SchipholBIKE scheme, providing the free use of bicycles made of wood. Suddenly, the world is within walking or cycling distance. 

Munckhof Schiphol

Munckhof has had an office at Schiphol for many years. Schiphol is a unique and inspiring place to do business and excel, and this fits perfectly with our organization. The concept of borderless business is illustrated by the planes parked nearly in front of our doors. 

Could Schiphol be the perfect location for your business? Be inspired and expand your horizons. 

Birgit Puntman
Birgit Puntman
Manager Business Travel
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