No more Christmas package!

The National Expense Allowance Study found that 18% of the expense allowance budget is used for Christmas packages. We are free to spend this budget however we like, so why is so much reserved for the Christmas package? In my opinion, there are better things to spend our money on.

What was in the Christmas package?

After a quick survey of my own friends, I found that most people really value the Christmas package. It's a token of appreciation for a year of hard work. But, when I asked what was in the package, they could only remember what they received the previous year. The years before that had been long since forgotten. 

A different approach

In my previous blog post, I discussed the value of organizing an incentive for clients. But organizing a similar incentive for employees is a great investment. It creates involvement, improves team spirit and, unlike a Christmas package, a well-organized day trip can generate interesting discussion topics. 

Plenty of room in the budget

Many people probably believe that an incentive is much more expensive than a simple Christmas package. The cost of an average Christmas package ranges from €35 to €40. With this budget, we could easily organize a fun staff dinner instead. If you really want to improve staff involvement, there are plenty of other activities to consider. The National Expense Allowance Survey found that employers leave nearly half a billion euros untouched in the expense allowance budget. Such a shame! This budget could easily be used to organize something truly unique for employees, like a party or a weekend in Rotterdam, London or Dubai. 

So, to all Dutch employers I say: make good use of the new expense allowance regulation. Get rid of the traditional Christmas package and organize a fun incentive for your staff. After all, you reap the benefits of happier employees! 

Source: National Expense Allowance Survey

Wil Poels
Wil Poels
Office Manager Munckhof Groups Desk
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