Munckhof contacts get acquainted with Asia

Every year, Munckhof organizes events for its contacts. The Asian Business Event was recently held at the Cacaofabriek cultural venue in Helmond. During this event, those present learned about safety and etiquette in doing business with and in Asia. In addition, the contacts had the opportunity for a personal chat with the client team members with whom people have daily contact.

Personal contact is essential for optimum partnership

The event was opened by the CEO Tom Roefs. Amongst other topics, he talked about the added value of events for Munckhof and its contacts. In the digital world, a large proportion of communications takes place via systems, while personal contact is essential for an optimum partnership. The decision to organize an event about Asia was a conscious one. Asia is not only an important growth market to which many of our contacts regularly travel, but it is also totally different from Europe and North America in terms of culture, language, safety and ways of doing business. All these topics were addressed during the event.

Trust is important when doing business with China

A tasty Asia buffet was followed by two workshops. Jack Gao, a board member of the Vereniging Chinese Wetenschappers en Ingenieurs (Association of Chinese Scientists and Engineers in the Netherlands), talked about the cultural differences between the continents. For instance, doing business with China requires great flexibility as agreements and appointments can often change at the last minute. In addition, it is important to have an understanding of the etiquette that applies in China regarding people in higher-status positions. In Gao's view, the basis of doing business in China is trust. Despite the many differences, it is important to understand each other and to trust each other.

Ensure that travellers hold a first-aid certificate

The second workshop was given by Christiaan Oldenkamp, the owner of Expat Preventive. Oldenkamp gave an inspiring presentation on travel safety on trips to Asia. Alongside safety issues related to muggings and extortion, his message was mainly to pay attention to the health of travellers. A considerable majority of emergency situations abroad have a medical cause. However, emergency services abroad are often not on the scene as quickly as they are in the Netherlands. Travellers therefore need to be self-reliant. That means ensuring that travellers hold a first-aid certificate and carry a first-aid kit in their baggage. Oldenkamp concluded his story with a reassuring thought; 96% of all trips go without a problem. Be alert to the risks, but don't let your alertness become a burden - travelling is too much fun to worry about things unduly!

The Asian Business Event was made possible partly thanks to our partners Cathay Pacific, China Southern Airlines and CIBTvisas. If you would like to attend a Munckhof event, sign up for our newsletter.

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