London an exciting location for school trips

Sharing experiences about school trips to London was one of the objectives of MGI Travel's orientation trip to the big city. Some twenty-five teachers and lecturers from Dutch secondary schools and universities of applied sciences recently travelled to London with Stena Line and the MGI Travel team to discover what this city has to offer.

Discovering new hostels

The goal of the trip was to exchange ideas in an informal setting, but also to get a first-hand look at the available excursions and accommodations. The MGI team chose to visit new group hostels and hotels and wanted to determine whether the city has been affected by the terror attacks that have plagued Europe and London.

London is a safe city!

While the recent terror attacks have made schools slightly more reluctant to organize trips to London, the city does not appear to be extra tense or hyper-vigilant. Experienced London tourists may notice more flower planters, but this does not affect the overall atmosphere. Schools can still travel to London easily and follow a regular programme; however, if teachers or students feel uncomfortable, we can offer an interesting travel package by making a few small adjustments, such as travelling to a nearby city like Brighton instead.

Lots of new ideas

During the trip, the teachers were given the opportunity to explore the city on their own. They could cycle through the city, prepare for their upcoming trip, or experience the tourist highlights. They returned home on the ferry with lots of new ideas and inspiration.

Here, we look back on an intensive week full of inspiration, knowledge exchange and fun. Feel free to contact us for more information about how we can help you organize your school trip to London. 

Leanne Peute
Travel consultant MGI Travel
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