In recognition of the organized teacher!

Teachers have a lot on their plates. Hours of teaching, marking tests in the evenings and over the weekends, teaching pupils during the day, tutoring duties and meetings. All of this is done under a great amount of pressure.
We are privileged to work with teachers who, in addition to their main tasks, have one extra special task to take care of: organizing the international school trip!

Organization requires a great deal of work

This special task is not an easy one. The teacher is responsible for all organizational aspects of the school trip and the number of planned hours often does not reflect the actual number of hours needed. I'd like to list the tasks that need to be taken care of when organizing this type of trip. 
It starts with an idea. Then you have to request quotes and collect information and prices. Next, you have to get your colleagues, students and the board excited about your plan as well. 

Collecting all the information

Once everyone is excited, the programme is set out and the finances are sorted, it's time for the next phase: collecting all the information of the participants. You have to make sure that the names are the same as stated on the passports and collect all the important contact details of parents, colleagues and the pupils. Don't forget the particulars like allergies to pets or a serious nut allergy, information about the use of medications or finding out if any pupils require additional care. All this information has to be slotted into the right place in the organization of the trip. And just like life, things can always change! 

Working out the programme

The basis of any trip is the programme. The teacher has to spend a lot of time planning this as well and includes tasks like booking the excursions and working out travelling times all within the agreed upon budget. Then we haven't even talked about the trip itself and the unforeseen circumstances that might crop up, like a sick pupil for example.

An unforgettable experience

If you were to ask this involved teacher why they are putting so much time into organizing the trip, they are likely to tell you that they do this because a trip like this is an unforgettable experience for pupils and teachers alike. There is a lot of appreciation for all this effort and the reactions that the teacher receives during and after the trip are overwhelmingly positive. And the school trip often receives an honorary mention during graduation ceremonies. 

Support for the organization

Luckily, the teacher can depend on the support from an organization that can find solutions to any problem Working together we create an unforgettable international school trip. The teacher, who often has to use their private time for organizing the event, can count on the support of the organization in the planning. This way, the teacher can continue to do fun things while the professionals get to work. 

We are fortunate to have such enthusiastic and dedicated teachers and we want to use this blog to recognize and acknowledge their commitment. Share this blog with a teacher that you think should be recognized for their extraordinary effort.

Tamara Lagendijk
Office Manager
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