From ticketing agent to knowledge authority

I frequently receive the following question: What is the added value of a travel management company?

Companies can easily book tickets online, so where does a TMC come in? A modern TMC is more than just a ticketing agent. It is an excellent source of information and advice for efficient business travel.

To further strengthen this role as knowledge authority, you need more information than is available online. This is why Munckhof devotes so much attention to study trips and events. We recently visited Lufthansa to tour their new Premium Economy Class, we took a study trip to Lille with Thalys, we visited Hong Kong and Dubai to meet representatives of airlines, airports and hotels and we regularly organize meetings to exchange knowledge with clients, colleagues and suppliers. All of these activities contribute to the added value a TMC can offer companies.

It's important that we translate the knowledge we acquire into advantages for our clients and business partners. This is the job of our result managers, who conduct ongoing research on how business trips can help organizations achieve their objectives and results. If you'd like to experience our knowledge first-hand, sign up for our obligation-free Exp-meetings on

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