Stichting Vincent van Gogh

Munckhof was able to bring about a significant reduction in costs for us with regard to client transport.

With an average of 8000 clients annually, Stichting Vincent van Gogh in Venray is the largest provider of specialized mental health care for young people and adults in northern and central Limburg and parts of Brabant. On the basis of the motto ‘herstel is haalbaar’ (recovery is achievable), Stichting Vincent van Gogh treats and provides guidance for people with psychological, psychiatric and addiction problems. Together with clients, family members/close friends and chain partners, Stichting Vincent van Gogh works towards recovery and maximized participation in society.

Requests via the online booking tool

Munckhof is the transport partner of Stichting Vincent van Gogh and takes care of the transport of clients, for instance to hospitals or treatment centres. Transport is generally not planned in advanced. The foundation requests transport from Munckhof directly via the online booking tool. Transport is then arranged with the drivers. In the case of urgent requests, telephone contact is of course always made in order to be able to provide transport straight away. The transport is provided by experienced Munckhof drivers. There is often also an accompanying person in the taxi to ensure that the transport can be provided safely and appropriately. 

Cost savings in transport

Sjef Martens, Facility & Hospitality Coordinator at Stichting Vincent van Gogh talks about the cooperation with Munckhof. ‘Once we had set out our wishes, Munckhof proved to be very well able to meet our needs and take charge of our client transport. By looking carefully at the combination possibilities and by consulting closely and frequently with the parties involved, Munckhof has been able to bring about cost savings. The journeys are also invoiced by Munckhof in a manner that also has cost-saving effects for us. Everything is offered in such a way that we can process things directly in our system for onward charging. For taxi journeys that need to be paid for by administrators, Munckhof has also taken the initiative to invoice the administrators directly, which also saves costs for us.’ 

‘If we have a complaint about the transport, this is properly registered by Munckhof and we always receive feedback on the complaint within 24 hours along with details of the solution provided to prevent this complaint arising again in the future. All in all, we are very satisfied with our collaboration with Munckhof.’ 

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