Municipality of Uithoorn

Munckhof is an important partner for Uithoorn municipality in the provision of transport for pupils. The transport of pupils is defined by clear and direct communication, flexibility and quick handling.

The municipality of Uithoorn is located in the Dutch province of North Holland and has more than 28,000 residents. Uithoorn municipality has been using Munckhof for the management and transport of pupils since the 2014/2015 academic year. This transportation is for students living in Uithoorn municipality but who attend school outside the municipality.

The best approach to the task

Municipality of Uithoorn: ‘Working together with Aalsmeer municipality, Uithoorn municipality opted to use the services provided by Munckhof. This decision was made because Munckhof was the best fit for the assignment and could best meet the requirements outlined by both municipalities. Munckhof is responsible for scheduling, implementing and managing the transportation for pupils. Furthermore, Munckhof also monitors and takes care of complaints registration and also provides us with relevant management information.'

Communication is key

‘Munckhof is an important partner for Uithoorn municipality. The clear and direct communication, flexibility and quick handling that Munckhof provides ensure an effective working relationship. 

Whenever we receive questions or complaints or make new registrations and changes, Munckhof is always easy to contact. Munckhof provides new ideas and is flexible and fast. Munckhof is always committed to serve the pupils and the municipality,’ concludes the municipality of Uithoorn. 

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