Larcom is extremely pleased with Munckhof's accessibility and service.

Larcom is a social employment agency in the eastern Netherlands with more than 1,100 employees in various fields. Their motto is: dare, do and follow through. More and more companies are looking for active partners for their core business units. The new work method is all about cooperation in terms of product development, technology and implementation. Enterprising companies want enterprising partners. Larcom is that partner. Larcom looks beyond structural and repetitive work to focus on how the work process can be developed, modified and improved. We can organize work at one of our branches or in-house at the client's location.

Staff transport

Munckhof arranges staff transport for Larcom, transporting approximately 100 employees to the various locations every day. Munckhof transports employees to three fixed locations in Ommen, Hardenberg and Raalte. They also transport several seconded employees to these locations from companies in Witharen and Den Ham.

Good availability and service

During the tender procedure for Larcom's staff transport, Munckhof was selected as the best candidate and we quickly entered into a partnership. 'We are extremely pleased in terms of availability,' says Hans Verschoor, head of OVB. 'We rarely have complaints, but when we do the issue is resolved quickly and to our satisfaction.'

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