PSO Nederland recognizes Munckhof as a leader in social entrepreneurship

Munckhof has reached the highest rung on TNO's Inclusive Employment Performance Ladder (PSO). Following an independent audit by DEKRA, Munckhof was crowned the frontrunner in providing employment for people in vulnerable positions on the labour market. In this way, Munckhof is making an above-average contribution to corporate social responsibility.

Demonstrably social

Tom Roefs, CEO of Munckhof, is delighted with the evaluation. 'We are extremely pleased with the PSO certification,' he says. 'Any organization can claim to be socially responsible, but this independent certification serves as undeniable proof. In addition to creating jobs for people with a labour market disability, we believe it's important to work with suppliers and partners that share the same goal. This is something we will focus more of our attention on in the future.'

Education and support

In addition to creating jobs for people with few opportunities on the labour market, it's important to invest in these employees in the long term. 'Munckhof employees follow a training course that covers all work-related issues under the supervision of a personal mentor. They are also offered programmes and courses that help them carry out their work to the best of their ability. This method, paired with our PSO certification, demonstrates the value we place on social entrepreneurship and our commitment to pursuing it,' says Roefs.


The Inclusive Employment Performance Ladder (PSO) is a measurement tool and quality seal developed by TNO, which objectively measures and illustrates the degree of social entrepreneurship. TNO and PSO Nederland have continued to develop the PSO since 2010, in close collaboration with the market and according to the latest scientific insights. The PSO has become the national standard against which CSR is measured. Visit www.pso-nederland.nl for more information.

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