Munckhof to take over Verstraaten Personenvervoer

Munckhof will take over Verstraaten Personenvervoer BV in Venray on 1 October 2015.

Munckhof will take over Verstraaten Personenvervoer BV in Venray on 1 October 2015. More specifically, Munckhof will take over the corporate transport services, in which the company specializes, while Verstraaten will continue to provide its own courier and funeral transport services.


Verstraaten Personenvervoer has long been a household name in the world of corporate taxi services. In addition to its extremely luxurious fleet of twenty-one vehicles, Verstraaten Personenvervoer is renowned for its professional and discrete drivers and punctual service. In addition to the company's entire fleet, Munckhof will also acquire all of its fifty-five employees. 'This acquisition is key to ensuring the continuity of our services and the continued employment of our staff,' says Geert-Jan Verstraaten, director of Verstraaten Personenvervoer. 'These services will continue to be offered in the same way that our customers have come to expect. 'As Munckhof offers a much broader package of services, they can provide even better value to our customers.'

Total package

For Munckhof, this acquisition is an important addition to its service package. 'The acquisition of Verstraaten Personenvervoer allows us to offer a more extensive range of services for our corporate clients,' says Munckhof CEO Tom Roefs. 'We have specialized in various forms of transport and corporate air travel for years. This acquisition will help us focus on our corporate taxi transport.'

Corporate travel

The acquisition of Verstraaten Personenvervoer comes exactly one year after the company took over OAD Business Travel. Both acquisitions fit in seamlessly with Munckhof's strategy of taking care of its customers' mobility issues. 'Munckhof arranges airline tickets, hotel accommodation, conference accommodation, meetings and incentives, and now specializes in airport transfers, VIP transport and management transport as well. We're proud to set a new standard for our services with this acquisition,' Roefs adds.

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