Munckhof to be WMC 2017 transport partner

This summer, Munckhof will be the official transport partner of the 2017 World Music Contest. This partnership means that Munckhof will provide transportation for participants, soloists, conductors and jury members participating in the music event in Kerkrade.

Transport partner

The complete assignment involves transporting jury members and providing airport and hotel transfers for soloists and conductors, as well as complete transportation for participants. ‘The WMC draws participants, jury members, conductors and soloists from 40 different countries,’ says Tom Roefs, Munckhof General Director. ‘We not only ensure that they are brought to Kerkrade from various airports but also that they arrive there on time for all events. WMC chose Munckhof because of Munckhof’s experience with other events involving complex transportation issues.’

Providing information

Munckhof will work very closely with the WMC. The goal is to have participants’ information on hand in a timely fashion, including flight itineraries and the number of people to expect. Having this information available at an early stage will enable us to provide the best transport possible.

About WMC

Now in its 18th year, the World Music Contest will be held from 6 to 30 July 2017 in Kerkrade. WMC 2017 offers a varied programme, with an emphasis on wind music. Participants from 40 countries compete for the championship in the categories Marching, Marching Parades, Show Contests and Concert Contests (Harmony, Fanfare, Percussion Ensembles and Brass Bands). You can find more information about this summer’s longest-running music festival at www.wmc.nl

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