Munckhof takes over Oad Business Travel

Munckhof has taken over Oad Business Travel’s business travel offices.

The offices were part of the Oad Group, which was recently declared bankrupt. Most of the staff will be retained and the six offices will continue under the name Munckhof Business Travel. With the acquisition of these offices, Horst-based Munckhof will be expanding from five to eleven Business Travel branches and consolidating its position as one of the leading business travel agencies in the Netherlands.

National player

Last week the Oad Group was declared bankrupt, jeopardising the existence of its economically still sound business travel branch. Reason enough for Munckhof to take over Oad Business Travel. Tom Roefs, CEO of Munckhof: ‘Munckhof is a national player that has been cherishing an ambition to further expand its Travel Division. There are many similarities between Oad Business Travel and Munckhof; not only with respect to our business culture, but also in our core values: ambition, social engagement and acting according to the principles of socially responsible entrepreneurship. Besides this, both companies share a similar heritage: they stem from family-owned companies operating independently in the Netherlands.’ The geographical locations of the Oad offices are also very favourable for Munckhof. With this acquisition Munckhof will be consolidating its position in the Netherlands as one of the country’s five leading Travel Management Companies in terms of business volumes.

Highly qualified personnel

As Munckhof is always on the look-out for qualified Business Travel Consultants to accommodate its growing customer portfolio, the majority of the staff at Oad Business Travel will be retained. ‘The staff at Oad have always adopted the same customer-oriented approach as that of Munckhof. We look forward to welcoming these highly qualified, knowledgeable and experienced professionals to our organisation,’ continues Roefs.

Total Result of Travel

This acquisition will make the Travel Division the largest within the Munckhof Group in terms of business volumes, while at least 40 members of the Oad Business Travel staff will be able to retain their employment. Munckhof recently launched its new philosophy: ‘Total Result of Travel’. Roefs: ‘The target audience for our philosophy, which is based on the conviction that business travel should be considered an investment instead of a cost item, comprises the mid-level corporations in the Netherlands. Thanks to our results-oriented approach and by working in partnership with our customers, we can guarantee our customers a higher Return On Investment with regard to business travel.’

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