Munckhof starts taxi branch in Tilburg

Munckhof will soon be opening a taxi branch in Tilburg. This opening is the result of winning the tender for the operation of passenger transport in the city. The branch will start out with approximately 80 vehicles and 130 drivers.

Bravo Brabant transports us

Passenger transport in central Brabant will continue under the name Bravo with effect from 1 June. Munckhof has the contract for the operation of the transport in Tilburg. Jos Poortinga, taxi director at Munckhof, explains. ‘We take care of passenger transport in various regions in the Netherlands, such as the Zaandam region, the Veluwe and the Arnhem region. We see the opportunity to expand with the addition of the Tilburg region as a great addition to our spectrum of services. We will set up an independent branch in the region so that we can optimize the interpretation of the transport needs.’

Growth of the organization

Munckhof has grown enormously in recent months, as Poortinga explains. ‘While last year we still had 900 employees, we now have 1300. This number is set to grow even further towards 1500 in the coming months. We have also seen huge growth in our fleet, particularly thanks to investments in “green gas” vehicles. We currently have 800 of our own taxi vehicles in use, dispersed between our various branches all over the Netherlands, and this number is also continuing to grow. In addition, we work alongside many transport partners, putting an additional fleet of 700 vehicles at our disposal.’ 


Munckhof currently has a number of vacancies at its various branches. We are looking for an assistant manager and several taxi drivers for the new branch in Tilburg. Interested parties can apply via www.werkenbijmunckhof.nl.

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