Munckhof partners with GoAbout

Munckhof has entered into a national taxi partnership with travel planner GoAbout, a platform that gives users the opportunity to plan trips using various forms of transportation.

This can range from public transport to rental bicycles, rental cars and taxis. Munckhof offers this service throughout the Netherlands.

Travel planner

GoAbout is a travel planner and a search engine in one. 'It gives you an instant overview of clever travel alternatives,' explains Jacco Lammers, director of GoAbout. 'In addition to offering different modes of transportation, it also provides information about traffic jams and platform changes at railway stations. The nationwide taxi service provided by Munckhof is a wonderful addition to the services we currently offer. Our ultimate goal is to give travellers who do not own a car or a bicycle the opportunity to easily and flexibly travel from one place to another.'

Additional service

This platform has added an extra dimension to the services Munckhof currently offers. 'We find GoAbout's plan to optimize transport flows and make connections absolutely delightful,' says Jos Poortinga, director of Munckhof Taxi. 'This is something we are also striving for on a daily basis at Munckhof. Given that we're available twenty-four hours a day throughout the country, it was an easy link to make. This partnership gives travellers the opportunity to arrange taxi transport quickly and easily.'

Link to Regiotaxi

'In addition to reserving standard taxi rides, we also linked our Regiotaxi project in the north-eastern part of Noord-Brabant to the system,' Poortinga adds. 'This gives our regional taxi travellers the opportunity to plan their journey on GoAbout. They can choose to travel with Regiotaxi within the north-eastern Noord-Brabant region or with a standard taxi service or a different mode of transportation in the rest of the country.'

About GoAbout

GoAbout's intuitive and multi-modal travel planner offers a real-time overview of door-to-door travel alternatives, which makes it easy to plan and compare all forms of mobility. The service is built around a unique personal mobility profile that only displays relevant travel advice. www.goabout.com

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