Munckhof organizes international corporate travel for the UWV

Munckhof was recently awarded the tender to organize international corporate travel for the Dutch Employee Insurance Agency (UWV).

As part of this contract, Munckhof will arrange airline tickets, hotel stays, visas and other travel-related services for the UWV.

Clients first

The UWV tender included three important criteria: the wishes of the travellers must come first, the booking staff must be supported fully and transparency must be guaranteed through the provision of clear management information. Munckhof had the highest score on all three criteria. 'We appoint a personal team of travel consultants for all of our clients,' says Tom Roefs, CEO of Munckhof. 'These consultants organize all domestic and international travel for the relevant client. Because this is a permanent team, they know their client through and through, which helps us anticipate their needs. This allows us to provide the UWV with the full support they need.'

Online and offline bookings

The UWV wanted to be able to book trips in two ways: through Munckhof's travel consultants and through an online booking tool. 'Our clients can choose to use our online booking tool, our travel consultants or a combination of both,' explains Roefs. 'This method was chosen deliberately, as it allows us to anticipate our clients' needs. They can use the tool to book simple trips and the client team to book complex, custom trips. This gives the UWV flexible options for organizing trips.'

Safety first

Safety was a crucial topic in the tender. 'Amid global unrest, travel safety has become increasingly important,' Roefs continues. 'How do you deal with emergencies during a trip? And which policies do you pursue for trips to places that are considered less safe? Ensuring the safety of all online data is also important. We have developed several processes and procedures to ensure this for the UWV.'

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