Munckhof once again Best Managed Company in 2015

For the seventh time in a row, Munckhof has been named Best Managed Company among medium-sized and large companies in the Netherlands. ING and Deloitte made the announcement on Tuesday 1 December. This qualification is part of the 'Best Managed Companies' programme organized by Deloitte and ING in cooperation with the Erasmus Centre of Entrepreneurship/Rotterdam School of Management. Munckhof was praised for the fact that even in the face of its massive growth in the past few years, the company is perfectly in control.

Deloitte has been organizing the Best Managed Companies programme for the past eight years and this is the second year that ING has collaborated in the organization as well. This year was Munckhof's seventh time participating in the programme and the highly critical jury once again selected Munckhof as one of the best managed companies in the Netherlands. For the second year in a row, Munckhof received the status of 'Gold member' based on Deloitte's and ING's evaluation of Munckhof's strategy, business operations, degree of innovation and financial results. 

Unique characteristics

Munckhof stood out as a highly dynamic organization with enterprising and committed employees who are able to respond quickly to change. The company has clear strategic targets and the ability to quickly anticipate and respond to opportunities and threats that arise on its way to achieving these targets. Tom Roefs, the CEO of Munckhof, is delighted with the evaluation. 'We are thrilled that Deloitte and ING have again named us Best Managed Company. But it's mostly a compliment to our employees. As management, we can work towards a particular goal, but the employees are the ones who have to make sure that we actually achieve it. We are honoured to manage a team like that.' Tom Roefs also says that the BMC programme is very valuable to the company. 'It serves as an indication of our current level and gives us insights into future internal and external developments.'

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