Munckhof invests in two new Teslas following successful pilot project

Last year, Munckhof launched a pilot project to add fully electric Teslas to its fleet. The overwhelming success of the project prompted us to invest even more in Tesla vehicles. In March, Munckhof will add two more Teslas to its fleet.

Taking range into account

We received many positive reactions to the Tesla from our planning department, our drivers and our customers. 'Electric vehicles pose an extra challenge for our planning department,' explains Jos Poortinga, director of Munckhof Taxi. 'As they need to take into account the vehicles' range and charging times, a different approach is needed. One way they do this is by drawing up a good schedule for the charging stations that coincides with the drivers' break times. The drivers also take some time getting used to the vehicles: while the steering wheel may be the same, the technology is totally different. We recently taught a select group of drivers how to handle the Tesla, and they all loved it.'


In addition to the internal feedback, the success of the project was largely determined by how our customers experienced it. 'We received a lot of positive reactions from our customers about our Teslas,' explains Poortinga. 'Some customers specifically requested a Tesla when booking a trip. In order to meet the growing demand, we plan to expand our fleet with two new Teslas.'
The Teslas are primarily used for corporate travel in the south-east of the country, more specifically for airport transfers in the Netherlands and the border region.


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