Munckhof introduces its clients to Tesla

For the second time in a row, Munckhof organized an Executive Event at the Tesla production site in Tilburg. During the event, Munckhof's clients were able to learn more about Tesla and a talk was given by Professor Herman Mensink of the NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences on the duty of care that organizations have in relation to corporate travel.

The changing role of corporate travel agencies

Just like Tesla, Munckhof is ever alert to the developments in the market that affect the future of corporate travel. Patrick Straetemans, Munckhof's CFO explains, “Corporate travel is constantly changing. Whereas organizations used to contact us in the past to book tickets, we now see that they are predominantly looking for opportunities to better organize all of their travel needs. For example, they want better reporting capabilities, always want to know where their travellers are and also regard corporate taxi transport as part of the journey. Given that we have been cooperating with Tesla for years in the area of corporate taxi transport, this was an ideal opportunity to introduce our guests to these components.”

Striking the right balance between travel policy and duty of care

In his keynote presentation, Herman Mensink explained how organizations need to be particularly aware of their duty of care. How does your organization fulfil its duty of care obligations towards employees that travel for work? How far are you willing to go and what are the risks? To illustrate this, Mensink referred to a traveller who was required to take trip to the US. According to the organization's travel policy, the employee was not allowed to personally drive a car after a long flight. However, a car was an essential requirement for the trip. How would you deal with this? In short, organizations need to think carefully about which policy to pursue. It is therefore advisable to strike the right balance between a clear travel policy and sufficient awareness of duty of care obligations. Travel management companies, such as Munckhof, can provide assistance in this matter.

We can look back on a highly successful event. Munckhof frequently organizes events for its clients. If you would like to attend one of these events or wish to learn more about duty of care towards corporate travellers, please click here or sign up for our newsletter to receive the latest news.

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