Munckhof becomes travel partner of Statistics Netherlands

Munckhof won the bid for tender to take care of foreign corporate travel for Statistics Netherlands. The contract concerns corporate travel in the broadest sense of the word. This could involve arranging plane tickets, hotels, visas and train tickets, as well as travel insurance and management reports relating to foreign corporate travel.

Taking the stress out of travel management

Tom Roefs, CEO at Munckhof, is extremely proud of securing the contract: 'In recent years, Munckhof's travel management business has made specific efforts to become a specialist provider who takes transport-related stress away from companies and government institutions. This is exactly what we are going to do for Statistics Netherlands. Securing this contract is not only a reflection of how our company is developing, it is also an opportunity to add a prestigious name to our client portfolio. 

Dedicated Travel Team for Statistics Netherlands

Munckhof will set up a dedicated Travel Team for Statistics Netherlands. 'Each of our clients is assigned their own dedicated team who processes the travel requests. Our Schiedam branch will be home to a dedicated Travel Team for Statistics Netherlands. This team will process all of Statistics Netherlands' travel requests and provide customized offers,' explains Roefs.

About Statistics Netherlands

Statistics Netherlands has the statutory task of conducting government statistical research into practice, policy and science. Alongside this, Statistics Netherlands has a national duty to produce community statistics. Statistics Netherlands gathers data, turns these into statistics and publishes them. Statistics from Statistics Netherlands encompass many social aspects, ranging from macroeconomic indicators, such as economic growth and the consumer price index, to information about individuals' living situations. Visit www.cbs.nl for more information.

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