Munckhof acquires ETS Taxi & Zorgvervoer

Munckhof has restarted the Zaandam-based passenger transportation company ETS Taxi & Zorgvervoer. This restart follows the bankruptcy of this company last week Monday. Munckhof will be taking on a large part of its business activities to ensure the continuity of transport services.

Implementing transport

Tom Roefs, CEO at Munckhof, explains, ‘Munckhof holds the contracts for various pupil and healthcare transport assignments in the province of North Holland. We were working together with ETS for the implementation of several of these assignments. This restart will prevent any disruptions in the transport of our clients and will also strengthen our position in this province. 


In addition to taking over these assignments, Munckhof will also take over a large part of the ETS staff and fleet. Roefs continues, ‘We will start utilizing the current location of ETS in Zaandam in order to remain operational and to ensure that services are continued as usual. Depending on the number of transport contracts, a minimum of 100 ETS staff will be given an employment contract. We intend to extend this in the short term. We strive to ensure that this restart will go smoothly with minimal inconvenience for travellers and clients.

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