GVB chooses Munckhof as transport partner

Munckhof won the contract for GVB's ‘Nightmobile Transport Service’ in Amsterdam. The assignment involves daily transportation of GVB employees who are beginning or ending the public transport schedule. As there is no night-time public transport for these employees to use, Munckhof is going to assist GVB by providing taxi transport.

Transport experience

On the basis of the GVB contract, Munckhof will set up a flexible schedule for transporting GVB employees seven days a week on six routes in Amsterdam and Amstelveen. Jos Poortinga, Taxi Director at Munckhof, says, ‘We are certainly very happy that GVB has awarded us this contract. It is also in line with recent developments at Munckhof. For example, we already provide the same service for NS (Dutch Railways) throughout the Netherlands.’

Continued growth of the organization

This assignment for GVB also means further growth of the organization’s taxi activities in the greater Amsterdam area. ‘We already carry out a wide range of transport assignments in the Randstad from our location in Zaandam. Extra staff will be needed for this assignment since it will mainly be carried out at night and therefore cannot be combined with other transport,’ says Poortinga.

About GVB

GVB has 3,750 employees and provides public transport in and around Amsterdam by tram, bus, underground and ferry. GVB likes its travellers and employees to feel comfortable in the vehicles as well as before and after the journey. That’s why social safety is important, certainly in a busy metropolis like Amsterdam.

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