Fontys University of Applied Sciences chooses Munckhof

Munckhof has secured the contract to provide taxi transport for Fontys University of Applied Sciences. This contract concerns Fontys employees who commute to work, but who for medical reasons cannot travel independently. In addition to this, Munckhof will also take care of regular taxi transport for the university of applied sciences.

Management role

During the invitation to tender, Fontys' main aim was to find a partner who was able to manage as well as implement transport services. In this respect, Munckhof came out on top. Jos Poortinga, taxi director at Munckhof, explains: 'Munckhof specializes in managing and implementing taxi transport, and also has a great deal of experience when it comes to transporting employees who work at educational institutes. We are happy that Fontys has recognized our skills and is confident in our ability to carry out this contract.'

Regional transportation

While it's possible that transportation for Fontys University of Applied Sciences could take place across the Netherlands and in the bordering regions, for the most part it will be concentrated in the south east of Brabant and the south east of the Netherlands, where most Fontys campuses are situated.
The contract, with the Munckhof Mobility Centre as its hub, will be carried out by our own taxi companies and transportation partners in the regions.

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